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"Lead the way Change Works" before and after #ACMP2019 by registering for our Pre-and Post-Conference Workshops. These educational sessions are designed for smaller audiences, giving participants opportunities for deeper discussions with workshop leaders and fellow attendees. From coaching skills to change intelligence, each topic is focused on the latest industry topics and trends catered for seasoned practitioners and those new to the profession.

Seating is limited to guarantee small-group interaction, so register early for these exclusive teachings. To learn more or to register, please see the Pre-Conference and Post-Conference Workshop sessions below.

Separate registration and additional fees are required to attend Pre- and Post-Conference Workshops. Please see the pricing details and how to register for each workshop below.

Pre-Conference Workshops

Get a head start on your conference experience with small-group learning sessions. Delve into deep discussions, explore thought-provoking topics within the discipline and receive a comprehensive overview of some of the key strategies you can use across the organization(s) you serve.

As a reminder, a separate registration ticket is required; seating is limited, so please register early.

All Pre-Conference Workshops will be held Sunday, April 28, 2019 from 1:00-4:00 p.m.

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Existing ACMP 2019 Registrants
Please add workshops to your existing registration via your Attendee Portal link in your confirmation email or contact customer service at 888-389-0130 or

From Change Management to Enterprise Transformation

Champagne Photo Rates: Early Member: $320 | Early Non-Member: $355 | Regular Member: $370 | Regular Non-Member: $405
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Name: Manon Champagne
Organization: Aplus

Instructor Biography:
Manon, CEO of Aplus, is an enterprise transformation and change consultant with more than 25 years of experience. Co-author of the DO-IT Change management framework and the DO-IT Transformation framework, she has also led multiple large-scale change management programs in various environments in public and private organizations in Canada, the US and Australia. Manon holds a Licence in management from Louvain University’s business School (Belgium) and a MBA from Monash Mount Eliza Business School in Australia.

Workshop Description:
As change management practitioners, we typically move from tactical to more strategic roles as we get involved in projects and transformations growing in complexity. For many of us, the next challenge is to support an overall enterprise transformation involving radical changes in culture, business model, organizational structures, strategic initiatives governance and alignment at the top. The stakes and complexity are much higher at this level. And change management as we know it becomes only one aspect of the strategies required to deliver a successful transformation.

This workshop will provide a roadmap and an experiential opportunity to discover what it takes to support an enterprise transformation at the strategic level. You will be asked to test your strategic skills as you develop a roadmap and strategies for an impatient executive team dealing with too many initiatives: an acquisition, a digital transformation, a culture change and a new organizational structure. This workshop builds on our ACMP Change Management Certification to take it to the next level.

Learning Objectives:
1. Discover a framework and tool to run a thorough diagnostic of strengths and weaknesses of your organization’s transformation
2. Discover and put into practice levers to successfully structure and support an enterprise transformation.
3. Identify the skills you need to reinforce to move to the next level
4. Leave with a roadmap to guide your enterprise transformation strategies

Who Should Participate: This workshop is intended for experienced change practitioners who want to be more impactful and increase their power of influence by supporting enterprise transformation at the strategic level.

Tools to Navigate a VUCA World of Disruptive Change

Batchelor Photo Rates: Early Member: $325 | Early Non-Member: $350 | Regular Member: $375 | Regular Non-Member: $400
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Name: Rich Batchelor
Organization: Capillary Learning

Instructor Biography:
Rich has been successfully delivering change for over 25 years working with organizations across the globe! His legacy includes developing the change delivery model for UK government and being a founding member of the Association of Change Management Professionals, where he was founding president of the Toronto Chapter for 6 years. He has a masters in change management and is a certified Lego® Serious Play® Facilitator & Workshop Designer. He is also certified in Project Management, Process improvement, Facilitation, HR, Coaching, Counseling and Psychotherapy.

Workshop Description:
This workshop provides tools and techniques to support an organization experiencing the impacts of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity – VUCA!

Attendees will begin by seeing the connection of Volatility and Vulnerability; gaining insight into their own and others resilience to demonstrate how resilience management can dispel the power of the volatile situations.

The second focus will combine uncertainty and complexity as attendees build their toolbox with techniques to create organizational agility, and their first Lego® Serious Play® activity.

Finally personal and organizational assessments to explore the power of curiosity will help dispel the impact of ambiguity in the VUCA workplace. Environment with templates, competence profiles and further Lego® Serious Play ® activities to build this capacity.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explore and gain a deeper understanding of VUCA environments
2. Understand the benefits of resilience to master Volatile spaces
3. Develop organizational agility to counteract uncertainly and complexity
4. Learn how competence in curiosity can navigate ambiguity in organizations

Who Should Participate:
This workshop will benefit anyone tasked with supporting workplaces experiencing disruptive and unpredictable change.

The Change Competent People Leader: Build Leader Behavior to Improve Sustainment

Yanahan PhotoRates: Early Member: $350 | Early Non-Member: $385 | Regular Member: $400 | Regular Non-Member: $435
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Name: Michelle Yanahan
Organization: ChangeFit 360

Instructor Biography:
Michelle Yanahan, Principal, ChangeFit 360, is a passionate organizational change management thought leader with proven expertise in executing programs to grow organizational change management as a strategic business competency. Michelle has 16 +years business experience in leadership roles in operations, change, IT and project management. Michelle holds a Masters in Organizational Behavior from Benedictine University as well as CCMP and Prosci certifications. Michelle has been a featured presenter for ACMP, ATD, OD Network and SHRM.

Workshop Description:
Behavioral science tells us that people leader behavior is a significant factor in sustaining change. However, most organizations approach change with a focus on the practitioner and do not put enough emphasis on truly building people leaders, or leader behavior, that can drive and sustain change. Perhaps that is one reason why most studies show a 70% failure rate for organizational change programs, a statistic that has not changed for over 30 years. Isn't it time we make leading change a core competency for people leaders?

In this engaging, hands-on session you will learn the critical role people leaders play in sustaining change and how to build and grow their change competence through employing the right behaviors. You will walk away with practical tools and knowledge to coach leader behavior that can be put into practice immediately to improve change sustainment and project results!

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the behavioral significance of the people leader role on change sustainment and current state of change
2. Assess current behavioral ability of people leaders within your organization to drive and sustain change
3. Identify and explore critical people leadership behaviors that drive and sustain organizational change
4. Create actionable plan to build the competence of people leaders within your organization

Who Should Participate:
This workshop is intended for mid to senior level experienced change management professionals who are looking to enhance their change toolkit, mature their practices and use behavior to accelerate their rate of change sustainment.

The Art and Science of the Prosci Change Scorecard

Creasey PhotoKempton Photo Rates: Early Member: $450 | Early Non-Member: $485 | Regular Member: $500 | Regular Non-Member: $535
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Names: Tim Creasey and Lisa Kempton
Organization: Prosci

Instructor Biographies:
Tim Creasey is Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer, a globally recognized leader in change management and coauthor of “Change Management: The People Side of Change.” His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on change management, with an emphasis on building enterprise change capability and delivering people-dependent project ROI. For over 15 years, Tim has led the development of industry bbest practice solutions for driving benefit realization and value creation.

Lisa Kempton is a Senior Development Partner at Prosci. Lisa is a Certified Change Management Professional™ with over 15 years of experience delivering large-scale, complex change in a range of industries including healthcare, utilities, insurance, and information technology. Lisa and Tim collaborated to build and advance the Prosci Change Scorecard as a holistic, research-based tool for bringing clarity, alignment, credibility to the change management process.

Workshop Description:
How do you define success? How do you measure the contribution of change management to benefits realization for change initiatives? Answering these questions is challenging but crucial for gaining support from sponsors and project leaders and the resources, time and effort to ensure adoption and usage of change. In this hands-on workshop facilitated by Prosci’s Tim Creasey and Lisa Kempton, you will learn how to apply the Prosci Change Scorecard – exploring both the science and the art. You will start to build a Change Scorecard for one of your own projects. You will also see how the Change Scorecard was applied for a large-scale change in a complex organization to gain insight into the practical realities from a practitioner perspective. Participants will receive the latest version of the Prosci Change Scorecard tool and three months of access to the Scorecard resources on the Prosci Portal.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how the Prosci Change Scorecard creates clarity and alignment regarding what a change is aiming to deliver and enables more effective management to outcomes.
2. Learn the three levels (organizational, individual, change management) and three stages (define, track, deliver) of the Prosci Change Scorecard.
3. Begin to develop a Change Scorecard for a project you are supporting.
4. Understand the practical realities of applying the Prosci Change Scorecard by learning from experience gained by building a Change Scorecard for a large-scale change in a complex organization.

Who Should Participate:
This workshop is intended for experienced change practitioners looking to measure change outcomes. Participants will get the greatest benefit from the workshop if they have completed the Prosci Certification Program or have equivalent knowledge of Prosci's change management methodology.

Post-Conference Workshops

The learning continues after Change Management 2018. Post-Conference Workshops offer an opportunity to slow down and dig deeper into relevant topics, taking the practical information learned during Conference and tailoring it to suit attendees’ goals or needs. A separate registration ticket is required. Register early as seating is limited to ensure small-group interaction.

All post-conference workshops take place Wednesday, May 1, 2019 from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

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Existing ACMP 2019 Registrants
Please add workshops to your existing registration via your Attendee Portal link in your confirmation email or contact customer service at 888-389-0130 or

Develop Your Change Management Super Powers: Learn the Worldview, Unique Role and Key Skill to Radically Increase the Success of All Change Projects

Anderson PhotoAckerman-Anderson Photo Rates: Early Member: $395 | Early Non-Member: $430 | Regular Member: $445 | Regular Non-Member: $480
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Names: Dr. Dean Anderson and Dr. Linda Ackerman Anderson
Organization: Being First, Inc.

Instructor Biographies:
Drs. Dean Anderson and Linda Ackerman Anderson are co-founders of Being First, Inc., a training and consulting firm specializing in leading conscious transformation in Fortune 1000 companies, military, government, and large non-profits. They lead the Being First Center for Achieving Breakthrough. Dean and Linda co-authored Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results from Conscious Change Leadership, The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation and spearheaded the landmark Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology

Workshop Description: This session explores several proven breakthrough approaches to leading transformational change that can exponentially increase your role, your influence and your success with generating sustainable change results. We will explore the expanded worldview of Conscious Change Leadership, which steps off the shoulders of change and project management and goes right to the heart of leadership and strategy that transformation requires.

We will present the role of the Strategic Change Consultant… one that dramatically raises the level of enterprise and initiative influence of us as change practitioners. We will introduce and sample one of the core competencies of this role, Conscious Process Design, which stretches far beyond traditional project planning. And, we will demonstrate the power of The Change Leader’s Roadmap process model as the methodology that guides and calls for this new approach.

Come with your best “what if I could…” intentions to learn how you can gain an understanding and skill in Conscious Change Leadership to radically increase the success of all your change projects.

Learning Objectives:
1. Explore how the expanded worldview of Conscious Change Leadership can exponentially increase your contribution and the success of change
2. Understand how the role of the Strategic Change Consultant has far more influence and engagement from the launch of a project to sustained business results
3. Learn the advanced consulting skill of Conscious Process Design and facilitation
4. Explore how The Change Leader’s Roadmap process methodology informs and applies this new approach to support the enhanced success of change

Who Should Participate:
This workshop is intended for experienced professionals, but will be valuable for newer change management consultants who are seeking to do their best and highest work.

Enhance Your Ability to Lead Change and Drive Results through Developing Your Change Intelligence (CQ)

Trautlein Photo Rates: Early Member: $395 | Early Non-Member: $430 | Regular Member: $445 | Regular Non-Member: $480
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Name: Barbara Trautlein
Organization: Change Catalysts, LLC

Instructor Biography:
Barbara Trautlein, PhD, author of Change Intelligence and originator of the CQ System for Developing Change Intelligence, partners with clients such as Abbott, Cisco, Ford, Northwestern University and University Hospitals to lead enterprise-wide transformation, train/coach leaders at all levels, and certify change agents. She helped start-up the ACMP-Midwest Chapter and was honored as its Change Management Consultant of the Year in 2015. She holds a doctorate in Organizational Psychology from the University of Michigan.

Workshop Description:
Methods to "manage change" are baseline competencies. Truly effective change agents LEAD change - this workshop's focus. Participants will enhance their own ability to lead successful and sustainable change, including "Change Intelligent" strategies to reframe resistance from enemy to ally, influence key stakeholders, engage sponsors, and facilitate collaborative change teams. The workshop is replete with interactive hands-on exercises, real-world case studies, and personalized assignments enabling immediate application to each participant's unique change challenges. Additionally, participants will experience the Change Intelligence/CQ Assessment themselves, and through exploring research results from the assessment's global database, they will obtain insights into opportunities and dynamics in leading change around the world. By building Change Intelligence, change leaders are able to overcome what looks like resistance, but is really either confusion over the goal, lack of connection to the goal, or lack of tactics and training to partner together to work toward the goal.

Learning Objectives:
1. Actionable awareness of one's own Change Intelligence, including how to leverage one's personal Change Leader strengths as well as how to shore-up one's blind spots with targeted developmental strategies.
2. Coaching to understand the sources of resistance to change, reframe resistance from enemy to ally and to flex one's approach in order to powerfully partner with and influence key stakeholders in new and winning ways, to enhance change leadership agility.
3. Tools to build the collective Change Intelligence of the teams and organizations participants support, through research- and practice-based strategies using CQ to launch change initiatives, turn-around struggling projects, and ensure ongoing sponsorship and engagement across hierarchical levels and functional groups.
4. Develop one's Change Intelligence to lead successful and sustainable change with greater competence and confidence, and less stress and frustration, for the benefit of our organizations, teams, and careers.

Who Should Participate:
This workshop is intended for experienced change management professionals, as well as professionals in other fields with experience in and accountability for leading organizational change.

Managing Change in an Agile World

Giannitelli Photo Rates: Early Member: $219 | Early Non-Member: $254 | Regular Member: $269 | Regular Non-Member: $304
Duration: 2 hours (ends at 4:00 p.m.)
Instructor Name: Gina Giannitelli
Organization: Change Guides LLC

Instructor Biography:
Gina Giannitelli is a Director with Change Guides and has led many aspects of Organizational Change, from leadership alignment to adoption support. She brings over 20 years of experience in “big four” business consulting, HR leadership and strategy, and change management to her clients. She has experience applying change management in agile environments and is the co-author of Managing Change in an Agile World.

Workshop Description:
This course provides an overview of the principles for managing change in agile environments. This engaging session offers a forum to discuss challenges, proven strategies, and tactics when driving change in fast-paced environments.

Learning Objectives:
1. To understand basic concepts related to agile, change management, and how they work together and to learn the 10 laws of agile change management.
2. To assess where your projects are on the Agile Change Management Maturity Model
3. To learn the change management infrastructure needed for success in agile environments
4. To understand the methodology and tools available to identify, manage and address people issues during agile projects

Who Should Participate:
This course is for Change Management Professionals that would like to discuss the unique change management challenges in agile environments and how to address them.

ACMP Standard for Change Management: How You Can Use it to improve your Organization’s Project Outcomes and Differentiate Yourself in Job Interviews

Watson Photo Rates: Early Member: $385 | Early Non-Member: $420 | Regular Member: $435 | Regular Non-Member: $470
Duration: 3 hours
Instructor Name: Roger Watson
Organization: jTask, Inc.

Instructor Biography:
Roger Watson is a Principal at jTask, Inc., a US company that specializes in Change Management Consultancy, Software and Training.

jTask is a Qualified Educational Provider for ACMP. With over 15 years of training experience, Roger has led the adoption of and training in the ACMP Standard for Change Management at jTask and on Customer Business Transformations/ Projects. Roger has been teaching jTask CCMP Training courses since October 2014.

Workshop Description: Training in the ACMP Standard for Change Management will provide you an understanding of the ACMP change management process and its critical steps.

You can benefit from receiving some of the same training as students who have completed jTask CCMP training, from major organizations from all over the world.

In just 3 hours you will come away with knowledge and skills that you can use including:
* Knowledge of what the ACMP Standard for Change Management is and its application on your Projects
* Clarity for explaining the role and value of Change Management to executive management
* Ideas on how to use ACMP Standard at your company for Business Transformations and Projects
* Visibility into how the ACMP Standard will help you increase you success on Change Management Job interviews
* Insight on current best practices and what change management professionals are talking about

Learning Objectives:
1. Explain what the ACMP Standard for Change Management© is and its value as a structured way to manage change.
2. Learn the fundamentals of the ACMP Change Management process so that your projects can be successful and sustainable, by reviewing the lessons learned from three actual Case studies.
3. Explain how ACMP Standard aligns to current Job Descriptions to better answer Job interview Questions.
4. Answer FAQs about the ACMP Standard for Change Management with confidence and authority.

Who Should Participate:
Anyone looking to learn more about the ACMP Standard, prepare for CCMP Exam or the practical implementation of ACMP Standard on business transformation projects.