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Change Management Conference 2019
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Conference Connect

Conference Connect

Conference Connect returns for Change Management 2019!

This unique attendee-matching program is designed to help make purposeful connections among change management practitioners with shared industry interests. By participating in Conference Connect, you will be matched with #ACMP2019 attendees based on a series of simple profile questions.

Prior to the start of Conference, you will receive a notification with information about Conference matches (you will receive a minimum of two Connections), then you can “meet” the attendees prior to arriving in Orlando. The notification will also include how you were matched based on the profile submitted.

By participating in the Conference Connect program, you will also be invited to an exclusive event on Sunday where you will have the opportunity to meet your “Conference Connections.” During the event you can determine how you would like to stay connected with one another throughout #ACMP2019 in effort to maximize your experience in Orlando (and… you can also use the Conference App to optimize your connections too)!

This program will extend your professional relationships and enhance your Change Management 2019 experience!

The deadline to complete your Conference Connect profile is Monday, April 8, 2019.

Already a registered attendee? You can still participate! Visit the #ACMP2019 attendee portal, found in the confirmation email, then go to "Edit your contact information, select "yes" and complete the necessary Conference Connect fields.

All participants will receive a notification of his or her matches (pairs or triads) at least 10 days prior to the Conference; in addition, information on how to engage with one another will be provided.