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Change Management 2018
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Why attend?

Why Attend?

This is the opportunity to get focused and leverage your valuable time to be with other like-minded colleagues. To capture and hear about "what is happening," solve some of the challenges you are encountering and learn about new ways to approach the organizational change that we encounter. By attending, you will:

  • Gain insight from premier keynote speakers and industry influencers into what is happening now in the world of change management, including new and innovative techniques being used by your colleagues, peers and thought leaders.
  • Network with colleagues from firms leading change, corporations experiencing change and individuals who are excited about guiding companies through change.
  • Practice and experiment with new approaches and skill sets, enabling you to bring them "back to the office" for application
  • Meet with thought leaders and experts in change management through ACMP Academy and new VIP sessions
  • Earn up to 17 PDU hours to support your CCMP certification

Attending the Change Management 2018 is an invaluable investment to your career, and we look forward to seeing you March 25 – 28 in Las Vegas.

Need additional reasons for attending or need help in getting your organization to support you attending? Then, click below to download our "Convincing Change: How to Tell Your Boss" Memo. Our "Convincing Change" Memo is an informational letter that includes messaging on how attending conference will benefit your career and support your organization.

Convincing Change: What to Tell Your Boss

We want you to be there in Las Vegas with other Change Leaders! Sometimes there is a need to convince your leadership reasons why your should attend, and below are some key areas of opportunity to help you prepare for the request:

  • Timing is everything: The cost is much lower earlier than later so getting your ask in early is key. Consider discussing in your one on one meetings or over lunch.
  • Remember the Business Case: This conference will not only benefit you as a professional, but your organization will benefit as well with all of the information you will be obtaining. Don’t forget to share this information. Within change management letting people know, “what’s in it for them” is important! Make an outline with bullet points or justifications on why it will benefit you and your organization. Show that you will make the most of it, and why networking and attending the workshops and sessions are important. Ask yourself what your short-term and long-term goals are with your organization’s objectives, and pair them with sessions that will contribute the most to the goals. Explain how it will make the company more profitable, functional and flexible.

Still need help? Try our email template by clicking here.

Who Should Attend?

If you answer “yes” to any of the following, then we will see you at Change Management 2018!

  • Do you lead projects in your organization that could have people working differently?
  • Is your organization impacted by changes within marketplace competition?
  • Do you or your organization plan on acquiring or merging with another company?
  • Are you undertaking a major system implementation?
  • Are you executing strategic plans within or outside your company?
  • Do you consult and need to be ahead of the trends and technologies in change management?
  • Has your business been challenged by recent, implemented changes?

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Success Stories from Previous Conference Attendees

"I have attended the last two conferences for two very different reasons. First, in the start-up stage of our Organizational Change Management Office we needed development information, the roadmap. By the next year we were ready for more in-depth development and leading topics. The ACMP Change Management Conference met the mark!"
- Tanya Nietrzeba B.A., B.Ed, C.I.M., Prosci OCM Certified
Organizational Change Management Office

"To gather with like-minded professionals from across the globe to share practices, trends and learnings is an incredible way to build community and connect with a stellar network of change leaders. The experience is inspiring, re-energizing and quite simple a lot of fun."
- Sylvia Doane Stephenson | Future State
Senior Customer Experience Coach

"People attend the ACMP conference because it supports their development as change practitioners. The quality of conversations raises the bar for anyone involved in organizations as change agents longing for creating sustainable impact."
- Xavier Garcia-Weibel | Swisscom AG
VP Client Engagement & Strategy

"What an amazing experience and I look forward to future ACMP conferences! The opportunity to participate in a conference that not only shares resources of what you need today as a change management professional, but informs your thinking on what is needed for you to become a change agent going forward. I had the privilege of contributing to Change Management 2014 by co-facilitating a World Cafe and "What I wish I knew about change and transition." The wisdom that emerged from the cafe was very representative of the caliber of thinking throughout the conference as a whole."
- Bernadette Johnson
CORE Consulting & Inspired Action Motivates, LLC
Alchemist, Leadership Consultant & Author