Change Management 2017
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Are you a seasoned change expert with more than 11 years of experience? In 2017, ACMP is introducing a new stream of exclusive Sessions aimed at the seasoned change professional. Welcome to MASTERCLASS.

Formerly known as the ACMP Academy, MASTERCLASS Sessions have been designed with you in mind. Engaging, informative, and collaborative - from discussions to panels and workshops – these Sessions, led by industry thought-leaders and experts, will not only introduce you to new ways of thinking, but also inspire you with proven and new approaches to both the current and upcoming challenges facing change management professionals. MASTERCLASS aims to facilitate idea-sharing. It's content-rich for you, by you. Don’t miss this opportunity to exchange ideas with some of the top change leaders in our profession.

Please Note: MASTERCLASS Sessions are available for senior level change management practitioners. If you have 11 years or more experience, you will be able to select a MASTERCLASS during your registration process. Sign-up for MASTERCLASS Sessions is limited at this time to ONE Session per person.

ACMP Masterclass Sessions

"Mind the Gap" Addressing the Need for Effective Change Leadership

Facilitators: TBA
Date: Monday, May 21
Time: 10:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • It’s often thought that the Change Management team is accountable for the success of the change, but we know, in reality, that the Leaders in an organization and those responsible for the change that ultimately are the ones who are accountable. This Masterclass session aims to identify not only the skills and competencies that leaders require to implement a change, but to also examine the best way to implement and integrate a change leadership program into any organization.
  • This Masterclass session will feature the World Cafe format which will feature a collaborative workshop element allowing participants to exchange, discuss, and evaluate ideas to create an output of both key requirements and best practices for success. The output of this session will be shared with participants following the conclusion of the conference.

Organizational Agility as a Strategic Imperative

Facilitator: Tim Creasey
Date: Tuesday, May 23
Time: 10:15 am – 12:35 pm
  • The winners of the future will be those who can out-change the competition and the market. Organizational agility is a strategic imperative for organizations facing a rapidly changing environment. With an ever increasing velocity of change and greater demand to achieve expected results, organizations that go beyond simply talking about agility and actually work to build this crucial core competency will set themselves apart. This interactive Masterclass session will explore why change agility is critical, what is really means (including a look at industry definitions), and help you identify strengths, weaknesses, tactics for improvement with other change experts.

Change Management in 2017 and Beyond

Facilitator: Rick Rothermel
Date: Tuesday, May 23
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:45 pm
  • The field of Change Management has grown and evolved since the inception of ACMP just over five years ago. Clients are demanding that their change team not only implement the change strategy but also address culture, innovation, and leadership at the same time. How do we as change experts evolve to meet the ever-growing competencies required? This Masterclass will feature both a panel and breakouts to discuss this evolution from various perspectives and to identify the ‘what and how’ required to meet these needs.

Let’s Get Real: Co-Creating Solutions to Our Biggest Challenges as Senior Change Management Professionals

Facilitators: Dean Anderson, Ed.D and Linda Ackerman Anderson, Ed.D
Date: Wednesday, May 24
Time: 8:00 am – 10:15 am
  • What are the biggest challenges you face right now in your change work – those problems that keep you up at night because they are blocking your change initiative’s success? No matter how experienced, skilled, or wise we are, every one of us faces situations in our work that challenge us, often beyond our limits or influence. In this Masterclass, we will collectively identify our current biggest challenges, and then as a community, generate and share solutions. You will leave this session with greater peace of mind, critical insights, and an action plan you can immediately put in play to resolve your biggest challenges.

Speaker Biographies

Linda Ackerman Anderson
Linda is co-founder and vice president of Being First, Inc., a training and consulting firm specializing in leading conscious transformation in Fortune 1000 companies, government, and large non-profits. Linda was one of the original creators of the field of organization transformation in the early 1980’s, and speaks globally on the topic.

She co-authored The Change Leader’s Roadmap: How to Navigate Your Organization’s Transformation and Beyond Change Management: How to Achieve Breakthrough Results from Conscious Change Leadership, and spearheaded the development of the landmark Change Leader’s Roadmap Methodology. She coaches senior leaders on their enterprise-wide change strategies and ability to lead consciously. Linda is known as an inspiring model of her work. Her clients include Loblaw, Lockheed Martin, SUPERVALU, PeaceHealth, Microsoft, the Canadian Federal Government, Shell, Intel, The Nature Conservancy, and Wachovia.

Dean Anderson
Dean is co-founder and CEO of Being First, Inc., a training and consulting firm specializing in developing conscious change leaders in Fortune 1000 companies. Dean is the creator of Leadership Breakthrough: Walk the Talk of Change, Being First’s hallmark process for waking leaders up and helping them transform mindset and behavior to successfully lead organization and culture transformation.

Dean’s client are C-Suite executives pursuing breakthrough and transformation in themselves, their teams and organizations. He co-authored Beyond Change Management and The Change Leader’s Roadmap, and speaks world-wide on personal and organizational transformation. He is the core designer of Being First’s year-long vertical leadership development program, perhaps the most advanced executive development program in the world. Dean is currently working on his next book, titled “Breakthrough: How Leaders Transform Themselves to Achieve Optimal Performance”.

Tim Creasey
Tim is a dynamic presenter, researcher and thought-leader on managing the people side of projects and initiatives to deliver results and outcomes. His work forms the foundation of the largest body of knowledge in the world on managing the people side of change. He has worked with Prosci to advance the discipline of change management by moving it out of the “soft and fuzzy” realm toward a structured, rigorous approach for driving benefit realization and value creation on projects.

Rick Rothermel
Rick Rothermel is a change management expert, thought leader and entrepreneur and has served as a founding member of the Board of Directors of ACMP. He arrived at LaMarsh & Associates, the predecessor to LaMarsh Global, in 2002 as Director of Consulting Services. Prior to that he served as Chief Learning Officer at Michigan Virtual University, Executive Vice President of e-Learning at Global Dynamics and Director of North American Education, Training and Development at Ford Motor Company. In 2012, Rick took ownership of what is known today as LaMarsh Global.

Using LaMarsh Global’s innovative website, blog and social media pages; Rick leverages new media to connect with global change management professionals and challenge conventional thinking about change management. Rick has done extensive work in the areas of Risk Assessment and measuring the Return on Investment gained from using successful change management.

He has worked with individuals, small organizations as well as multi-national corporations, public and private sector businesses, not-for-profit organizations, educational institutions, military and government agencies. He has supported them as their go-to change management thought leader as they pursued personal excellence and business process improvements, implemented new technologies and systems, enhanced or expanded their product lines and entered new and challenging markets.