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2017 ACMP Regional Conference Canada
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Pre Conference Workshops

Get a head start on your conference experience with small group learning sessions. You’ll delve into deep discussions, explore some of the most thought-provoking topics in change management, and get a comprehensive overview of some of the key issues you’ll need to tackle for your organization.

A separate registration ticket is required; seating will be limited to ensure group interaction, so register early.

All pre conference workshops take place Wednesday, September 13, 2017 from 1:00PM - 4:00PM.

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Is your Sponsor a Bump on a Log?: Executive Sponsorship Workshop

Provider: Cocentric Solutions Inc.
Instructor Names: Razina Visram, MBA, PMP, CPA, CEC and Miroslav Novak, BSC (Psych)
Cost: $400

Who Should Participate:
This workshop is for all levels of Change Professionals and Change Leaders. The workshop will provide discussions, learnings amongst all with the tools and approach they require to support and influence sponsors to play an active role in the success of their change intiatives.

Session Outline:
Most sponsors feel the change is being handled once they hire you or have some degree of change management support. How do you get them to see the value of change management and their role? In this interactive and engaging workshop, you will receive an in-depth understanding of the critical importance of sponsorship in successful organizational change and how to gain and maintain the interest and support of sponsors so that you can also do your role effectively. As we reference industry Best Practices and client examples, you will become aware of the level of involvement sponsors have in a change in your respective work environments and be in a position to address any gaps in their knowledge and ability. Walk away with the skills you will need to coach, mentor and support the sponsor in change initiatives, as part of your change management toolkit. (More Information)

Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Learning Objectives:
1. To understand the role and importance of having effective sponsorship on a project
2. To identify common misconceptions and pitfalls of executive sponsorship
3. To be an effective coach to the sponsor
4. To develop a plan of action for greater sponsor engagement, using a series of tactics, including how to communicate the ROI for change

Instructor Biographies:
Razina Visram PhotoRazina is a Senior Organizational Change Management Professional with more than 20 years of Management Consulting experience attained in Senior leadership roles at EDS, PricewaterhouseCoopers, IBM and since 2003 as the founder of Cocentric Solutions. The extensive experience attained is varied across public and private sectors includes local and international clients such as Husky Energy, Nexen, Transalta, Proctor & Gamble, Domtar, Conoco Phillips, Teck, Alberta Health Services and others. Razina is also a certified executive coach and currently coaches and manages change effectively at all levels - from executives to end users. Her change management expertise has successfully impacted stakeholders in small to large groups ranging from 10 to as many as 90,000 on a single project initiative. She successfully leads corporate Change Management training, workshops and seminars globally and is regularly scheduled for speaking engagements.

Miroslav Novak PhotoMiroslav is a consultant and a Prosci® Certified Advanced Instructor with Cocentric Solutions, one of the top global Prosci Authorized training providers since 2010. Miroslav has over 30 years as a Consultant, with a background in business analysis, requirements elicitation and management, systems analysis and modeling. He has experience with guiding change in software development and teams adopting new technical solutions, processes and practices. Most recently, Miroslav supported an early stage start-up, bbtox, providing business analysis and project management functions. Miroslav graduated from the University of Alberta with a BSc in Psychology and attained a Diploma in Object-Oriented Software Technology from the University of Calgary.  Miroslav is passionate about process, leadership and innovation, leading to change.


How to Build a Change Scorecard for Your Project

Provider: Navigo Consulting & Coaching Inc.
Instructor Names: Andrew Horlick and Lisa Kempton
Cost: $375

Who Should Participate:
This workshop is intended for experienced change practitioners seeking a structured approach for defining and measuring success for a change initiative. The workshop will be most beneficial for participants who have completed Prosci's Certification Program or have equivalent knowledge of Prosci's change management methodology.

Session Outline:
In this workshop, you will learn how a Change Scorecard: 1. Creates clarity and alignment regarding what a change is intended to deliver; 2. Enables you to more effectively manage to outcomes; and 3. Shows the contribution of change management to the achievement of business results. You will learn the three levels and timeframes of Prosci's Change Scorecard and begin to develop a Scorecard for a project you are supporting. You will also see how the Change Scorecard is being used on a transformative change initiative within Fraser Health and learn about the benefits as well as the challenges experienced to date. Participants will receive the latest version of the Prosci Change Scorecard tool and three months of access, post-workshop, to the Scorecard resources available on the Prosci Portal. (More Information)

Duration: 3 hours

Workshop Learning Objectives:
1. Understand how a Change Scorecard creates clarity and alignment regarding what a change is intended to deliver and enables more effective management to outcomes.
2. Learn the three levels and timeframes of Prosci's Change Scorecard.
3. Begin to develop a Change Scorecard for a project you are supporting.
4. Understand the practical realities of applying the Change Scorecard by learning from the experience gained building a Scorecard for a large-scale change in a complex organization.

Instructor Biographies:
Horlick PhotoAndrew Horlick, is a change practitioner with Navigo Consulting and Coaching, a Prosci Authorized Training Provider. He has more than 30 years of experience suppporting organizations to develop the change management competencies of their senior leaders, managers, change practitioners, project managers and employees. Andrew is a Certified Change Management Professional™, a Prosci Certified Advanced Instructor and provides input to the development of new change management tools as a member of Prosci's Super User Group.

Kempton PhotoLisa Kempton has over 15 years of experience delivering large-scale, complex, public sector change and leads the Change Management Practice at Fraser Health, the largest health authority by population in British Columbia. She is a Certified Change Management Professional™, an internal Prosci trainer and founder of a thriving Community of Practice for transformation specialists working in BC healthcare. She keeps on the forefront of change as member of Prosci's Super User Group.