Keynote Speaker | Change Management – Regional Canada 2018
Change Management – Regional Canada 2018
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Keynote Speaker

Chip Bell Photo
Chip Bell

Chip Bell has helped many Fortune 100 companies dramatically enhance their bottom lines and marketplace reputation through innovative customer-centric strategies that address the needs of today’s picky, fickle, vocal and “all about me” customers. Bell reveals the best practices from the organizations leading the customer loyalty charge, giving audiences powerful cutting-edge ideas and unique strategies they can put into practice.

He is considered a world-renowned authority on customer loyalty and service innovation, authoring eight national best-selling books, writing more than 600 articles for many business journals, magazines and blogs. He has appeared on CNN, CNBC, CBS, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, ABC, NPR Radio, and his work has been featured in Fortune, Businessweek, Forbes, Fast Company, Inc., Wall Street Journal, USA Today, CEO Magazine and Entrepreneur.

His books have won numerous major book awards and been endorsed by the CEO’s or presidents of such service greats as Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Zappos, Starbucks, Ritz-Carlton Hotels, Wolfgang Puck, Build-A-Bear Workshops, JetBlue, Marriott, Chick-fil-A, Ultimate Software, WestRock, Morgan Stanley, La Quinta Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, and Southwest Airlines. Leadership Excellence Magazine listed him among the top 30 thought leaders in North America. For the last three straight years, Global Gurus has ranked him among the top three keynote speakers in the world on customer service – two years in the No. 1 spot.

Bestselling author of the following:
  • Kaleidoscope: Delivering Innovative Service That Sparkles
  • The 9½ Principles of Innovative Service
  • Sprinkles: Creating Awesome Experiences Through Innovative Service
  • Take Their Breath Away; Wired and Dangerous
  • Customers as Partners; Magnetic Service

Seriously Sparkly Service: Making Innovative Stakeholder Engagement Profoundly Remarkable

Recall the absolutely best service experience of your entire life. What were the features of this amazing memory? Profoundly remarkable service experiences truly change people. People do not talk (remark) or tweet about good service anymore; only experiences they find unique, special, and ingenious—and, that applies especially for internal colleagues and stakeholders. And, there is a magical surprise imbedded in profoundly remarkable service. It contains the secrets of effective change management that renowned change agents have used for years. It is the foundation of a value-unique experience, not just a value-added one. Based on Bell’s newest award-winning, bestselling book, Kaleidoscope, this high-energy session provides the tools, tips and techniques for delivering innovative service that sparkles.